31 weeks... and a reality check!!!

Week 31 is here and in full swing!!  I keep telling myself that with each passing week, it gets me closer to bigger and healthier babies.  The goal right now is to make it to 34 weeks....any more than that would be a HUGE blessing and I would be extremely happy if we made it further than that.  My appointment on Thursday (8/16) went well besides finding out that I had a minor bladder infection.  Babies are growing nicely. I measured out at 38 weeks (as per a single pregnancy), to which I responded, "Oh, this is what this looks like since I have never made it to see what 38 weeks looks like in any of my pregnancy's thus far."  It will be interesting to see how much bigger this belly is going to get.  My non-stress test (NST) went well.  The babies really don't like those monitors though.  They wouldn't stay put long enough for them to get a  good reading on them, but the nurses did like what little they did get.  My sister and her two kids came this week and helped me out.  It was nice to be able to see them, and I am very grateful for all the help she provided this week.  

The home monitoring has been going well.  I will say it has been beneficial, as much of an annoyance it is at times.  Saturday morning (8/18),  I got up around 7:30, which is sleeping in for me thanks to my in-laws who took the kids over night, to start my hour long monitoring.  I finished it and sent it in like normal, the nurses from the center called and said I had to re-monitor because I exceed my hourly contraction limit.  Let me tell you, my heart just dropped when they told me this.  Especially since I literally got out of bed and put the monitor on, I hadn't even done anything for the day yet and to top it off, I couldn't feel them, which was another scary thing.  So I re-monitored two more times and still after sitting on the couch for 4 hours and hydrating, I was still exceeding my hourly limit with each time the contractions becoming more and more noticeable.  Finally after the monitoring service got a hold of the on call doctor at the hospital, and I called our good friend to see what her take on the matter was, we decided to got to the hospital to see what was going on.  

It was a good thing that we went too.  By the time we got there contractions had moved very close together (between 3-5 minutes apart).  I will say they weren't normal contractions for me though.  I knew they were happening, but they weren't super intense to feel like something was actually happening.  After being admitted and running through the normal hospital check in protocol, we were getting started on the monitoring.  They decided to start some fluids, and then an antibiotic.  Which then after four needle pokes, three nurses trying, two bruises and one mom-ma almost getting sick, they finally got the IV started.  It was determined that I was extremely dehydrated, hence the multiple pokings, which was causing most of the contractions.  I started on another medicine to help keep the contractions down.  Now its just a game of waiting, patience and taking it easy.  I am hoping and praying that my body stays strong enough to keep these babies cooking for a while longer.  I am anxiously awaiting this weeks appointment and ultrasound to see how things are progressing and what the next step is going to be.  

I am very thankful that this weekend was just a false alarm.  But it does make me worry a bit that these little ones are going to be here sooner than they should be.  I am hoping that between lots of prayer and rest we can get to at least 34 or 36 weeks.  That's my goal...and I am going to try and stick to it.  Let's hope my body cooperates.  Sorry this is a long one....now on to some of the fun stuff.

How far along: 31 weeks 2 days (today) - 61 days more (or less!!)
Have you started to show yet:  Still growing a nice baby bump.  :) 
Total weight gain/loss: Am I am up 9lbs from my starting. 
Belly Button in or out? In as of right now it is getting close to 'popping.'  Which would be a first for me.
Rings on/off:  Off...I miss my pretty rings!!!!
Maternity Clothes:  White Top & Jeans from Old Navy,  Sandals and Pink Sweater from Kohl's, Belt from Meijer, Nail polish - Sally Hansen Insta-Dri 'Snappy Sorbet'

Size of Babies: At 31 weeks the babies should be about 16 inches and 3.3 pounds...each about the weight of four navel oranges.
Heart Rates: Both babies heart rates ranged between 146 and 156.

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Weird Changes:  My hormones I think are getting into a different swing of things.  The last week I have been waking up extremely hot and sweaty.  Kinda like a 'hot flash,' but this is lasting a lot longer (like most of the night!)

Sleep: Sleep is ok.  Its the getting up to pee that is the kicker - we are up to between 3-6 times a night using the facilities.  

Best moment this week: Lucas telling me I looked beautiful, followed by an 'I love you, Mommy."  It just makes any day better.

Movement: All over the place.  These babies might be the most active that I have had.
Stretch marks? More and more are popping up each day.
Symptoms:  Exhausted quickly and sore from the belly growing and stretching  
Labor Signs: Contractions here and there.  Trying to keep them under control by not doing a whole lot..

Food cravings: I am just trying to eat anything that will go down at the moment.  Nothing ever seems to really sound good these days.
Food aversions: Fish and most pork

Pregnancy best friend: FAMILY!!!!!!  I am not sure what I would do without them!!!!  They have been truly a lifesaver these last few weeks and I am going to be needing them more and more as we get closer to d-day!

Gender prediction: Still waiting, although its getting harder not to want to find out.

What I miss: Being able to take care of my house and kids with out restrictions.
What I am looking forward to: Keeping these babies cooking for longer!!!!

Weekly Wisdom: Drink fluids, and don't forget something that has electrolytes in it!!!!!

Milestones: We have made it to week 31!!!!! 

Thanks so much for reading.   Have a great day!