33 weeks...one more week down :)

One more week down!  And you don't know how EXCITED that makes me.  We are one week closer to having healthier babies and one week closer to my goal date of October 1st (the nurses and doctors are still laughing at me).  Things have been going well this week.  The doctor was very pleased with last weeks ultrasound results.  Brian and I both had a great deal of anxiety lifted off our shoulders.  It was nice to know that things have seemed to slow down and if I can continue to take it easy, these babes should stay put for a little while longer.  And to top it all off, I made it through the full Blue Moon!  Not gonna lie, I was getting nervous about that moon and Hurricane Issac as well, since all my kids have some how been born around a natural phenomenon.  (Lucas - severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, Emma - 4th of July weekend/Full Moon, Dylan - the first snow of 2010).  Needless to say I get w little weird-ed out when a full moon approaches or any other unusual weather.

I am still taking it easy.  It is getting harder to do the normal things around the house.  For example: cleaning, laundry, running/walking after three kids.  Most the problem is with the bending, I get light headed very easily and its just not easy to do.  The other being, the babies are sitting lower and causing a lot of pressure.  Walking has turned in to waddling by the evening hours and standing for long periods of time is just not fun.  Sitting has become something that feels a lot better.  Thank God for my helping hands that have been taking the kids for times here and there and helping with bath time, cleaning, and just my over all sanity.  I really don't know how I would be doing this if I didn't have the support that I have!!!!!

How far along: 33 weeks 2 days (today) -  47 days more (or less!!)
Have you started to show yet:  We are starting to go more side to side now...and growing even more.
Total weight gain/loss: Am I am up 14.7lbs from my starting...I put on 2.7lbs this weeks.  Those babies must be really growing in there. 
Belly Button in or out? In as of right now it is getting close to 'popping.'  Which would be a first for me.
Rings on/off:  Off...I miss my pretty rings!!!!
Maternity Clothes:   Tops and Jeans from Old Navy,  Sandals Kohl's

Size of Babies: At 33 weeks the babies should be over 17 inches and 4 pounds...each about the size of a pineapple.  And they should be now putting on about a half pound a week until their arrival.
Heart Rates: Both babies heart rates ranged between 138 and 156.

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Weird Changes:  My belly is starting to grown side to side now and I think I am starting to 'drop.'  

Sleep: Sleep is alright.  I am soo tired, but getting more and more uncomfortable by the day.    

Best moment this week: Both of my boys giving my belly a kiss and hug for the babies!!

Movement: These babies must go in spurts.  This week they have been moving, but not the crazy movement we've had lately.  They must be running out of room in there to stretch out.
Stretch marks? My nurses said this week I was lucky because they couldn't see any stretch marks.  I am still laughing, I don't know whose belly they were looking at, but mine is covered in them.  
Symptoms:  Exhausted quickly and sore from the belly growing and stretching. 
Labor Signs: Still having some contractions.  But still being able to keep them under control for the most part.  The shots and the other medicine I am taking seem to be helping keeping those at bay.  And the monitoring is keeping me honest and not doing a whole lot.  Lets hope they help for another few weeks.

Food cravings: Sushi and sweets.  For whatever reason, I have not craved sugar most of this pregnancy, but this week I swear that is all that sounds good.  But then since I haven't really been eating it I don't feel very good afterwards.  Oh well.  And I am still waiting for my hubby to bring home sushi for dinner.
Food aversions: Fish and most pork

Pregnancy best friend: My new love....My Kindle.  I received mine for my birthday this year.  And I am totally in love with it!  I have always loved to read, but I never seemed to have time to do it. Not joking I have read almost eight books in the course of the last month or so.   Part of that is due to all the time I am spending sitting on the monitor with nothing better to do that sit there.  The other reason, there is absolutely nothing on TV to watch right now.  I have had my fill of White Sox baseball, the news, re-runs and PBS/Disney Channel!  
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Gender prediction: Still waiting, although its getting harder not to want to find out. And still having a hard time coming up with names.

What I miss: Sitting, bending, and walking anywhere comfortably.
What I am looking forward to: Making it to 34 weeks!

Weekly Wisdom: Drink fluids, and don't forget something that has electrolytes in it!!!!!

Milestones: We have made it to week 33!!!!! 

Thanks so much for reading.   Have a great day!