34 weeks....another week bites the dust!!!!

"Another one bites the dust..."  Not one of the songs that is as the top of my play list, but it does apply here.  So excited that we made it to 34 weeks and all with my husband being out of town the better part of last week too.  It is such a big accomplishment for me and my doctors.  This week's doctor appointment went very well.  I measured out at 39 week (as per a single pregnancy).  I am officially dilated to 1cm.  And the babies are looking well.  Now the task is to keep them in a little longer.  The monitoring is going well.   Beside me forgetting my medicines and then having to re-monitor because I had too many contractions, most of which I have not felt.  Although most of the contractions I have been having  are more or less just the feeling of tightening, there has been an increase of stronger ones.  The kind that catch your attention and a little of your breath.  But that is to be expected at this point in the game of things.  Babies are moving like crazy....hands and feet are starting to look like they are coming out of my belly.  Those babes are running out of room very quickly.  I feel pretty good.  Very, very tired.  Especially when I can't get super comfortable at night between this growing belly and the frequent trips to the loo.  I miss being able to walk without getting sore really easily.  These babies shift so frequently, causing pressure in different spots.  But again that is to be expected as we close in on delivery day and they try and get 'in position.'

We don't have a delivery date set yet.  And I am unsure when we will.  Personally I am thinking we are just waiting to see how far I make it.  I have a feeling though that if we set a date, we most likely won't make it to it anyway.  That's just how my body works. HAHA.  Right now I am still pushing, praying and hoping that I can hold out until October 1st.  Which is getting closer and more tangible!  But it all is still a waiting game...and maybe the most fun not knowing when your little ones are going to make their arrival.  This weekend's to-do list is trying to get some more of the nursery finished so I can get pictures to show before things get out-of control crazy those first few weeks.  We will see how much I actually accomplish.  I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.  And enjoy the coming of fall weather, I know I am ready for it!!!

How far along: 34 weeks (today) -  42 days more (or less!!)
Have you started to show yet:  We are starting to go more side to side now...and growing even more.
Total weight gain/loss: Am I am up 16.1lbs from my starting...I put on 1.4 lbs this weeks.  
Belly Button in or out? Each day is making my belly button closer to popping.
Rings on/off:  Off...I miss my pretty rings!!!!
Maternity Clothes:    Tank Top, flip flops and Jeans from Old Navy,  Sweater non-maternity from Target

Size of Babies: At 34 weeks the babies should be almost 18 inches and 4.75 pounds...each about the size of a cantaloupe.  And they should be now putting on about a half pound a week until their arrival.
Heart Rates: Both babies heart rates ranged between 136 and 146.

{picture source}

Weird Changes:  My belly is starting to grown side to side now and I think I am starting to 'drop.'  

Sleep: Sleep is alright.  I am soo tired, but getting more and more uncomfortable by the day.    

Best moment this week: Both of my boys giving my belly a kiss and hug for the babies!!

Movement: Out of all of my pregnancies, this one by far has been the only one where I have seen feet and hands poking out of my belly.  Its weird and fun to see those babies stretching.
Stretch marks? I found some news one this week.  
Symptoms:  Walking is becoming a chore. Things just start settling in odd ways that do not feel good. 
Labor Signs: Still having some contractions.   They are getting stronger, like things are  starting turn to actual labor.  But Most are just tightening.  Still doing a decent job of keeping them under control.

Food cravings: Sushi. Coffee.  I miss my morning coffee.  My stomach just doesn't like it right now.  Although I for some reason can handle the speciality coffees from starbucks.  I had my first Pumpkin spice latte the other day.  It was amazing...besides the fact that I forgot to ask for soy milk and my insides were doing odd things the rest of the day.  Otherwise it was great!!!!
Food aversions: Fish and most pork....still

Pregnancy best friend: Our baby name book.  Which we have gone through countless times, and still don't have a list together.  My names that I pick keep getting vetoed.   This book though is one of our favorites.  I think it has one of the better compilations of names and gives a list of possible sibling names as well.  It also has the trend of the  names and rankings.  There is also a Baby Name Wizard website.  I was unaware of this before this morning when I looked for the book.  So I haven't looked around it yet.  
{picture source}

Gender prediction: Still waiting, although its getting harder not to want to find out. And still having a hard time coming up with names.

What I miss: Sitting, bending, and walking anywhere comfortably and going to Church.
What I am looking forward to: Making it to 35 weeks!

Weekly Wisdom: Use your help and sleep when you can.

Milestones: We have made it to week 34!!!!! 

Thanks so much for reading.   Have a great day!