A BIG Project

So the hubby and I have been anxiously awaiting for our new shed to arrive.  And last night it finally came!!!  YAY!!  Finally my car might actually make it into the garage!  And hopefully will stay there and be snow less this winter.  No more scraping snow while trying to get three kiddos into the car!
(Can you tell I am excited?)

The owners let Big L help unload it.  He had fun pushing the buttons.

Little Man had tons of fun crawling all over it last night.

And Miss E had fun hiding in the wall.  

But today's BIG project is choosing a color to paint it and then getting it painted.  
And then planting some plants around it.

Let's hope that I can get it all accomplished between today and tomorrow while the weather is still beautiful and nice to work out in. And still get my other projects done.  

I am thinking that I am going to make this and get some roll paper and let the kids have at it while I work.  Some how I think this is going to make more work for me in the end, but hopefully they will have fun!
from easie peasie

Have a great Thursday!  Thanks for reading!