{A tale of the shopping woes}

  I LOVE my kids...but I despise shopping with them!!!! Today might have been the kicker to all my grocery shopping woes with my wonderful monsters.  Most people are try and help you out a little, trying to talk to the kids to get their attention going in another direction or offer a smile to let you know they'd too - "Been there, done that."  THEN you have the people that give you the evil glance, "why can't you control your kids," "make them stop screaming" or my favorite comment "are those ALL your kids?!" followed with a roll of the eyes.  Like I would really take someone else's kids to the store with me...I may claim to be nuts sometime, but I am not asking for a one way ticket on the crazy train!!  I try to not talk ill of people, but it really bothers me when people say things.  Some days are going to be not good.  I knew this morning I was taking a chance, but you hope pray really hard that the kiddos will behave just long enough to get the necessities and get out.

Despite all the attempts to jump out of the cart, crying tantrums, and grabbing hands...we did manage to get the groceries and somehow (by the grace of God) get a compliment - "What well behaved children! It's so nice too see that." one woman exclaimed.  She must have not been anywhere near the aisles we were in prior to that comment. Oh well, it made my day a little brighter and made me not feel I am failing!

Despite the cold and rainy weather, I managed to actually get somethings accomplished  all screaming and whining children.  Joann's is having this AMAZING sale on flannel and fabric.  I may have gone a little overboard...but I did get a good deal and some beautiful fabrics to make some more baby items for my etsy shop. 
{for the boys}

{for the girls!}

Hopefully this will keep me busy for awhile. Actually I really should be working on finishing Halloween costumes instead of thinking about other projects.  One is finished, one just needs the head piece to be done and one still needs to be started.  I better get my rear in gear!!!  Halloween is going to be here before I know it!

Thanks for reading my rant for the day!  
Do you Moms have days like this too?  I am hoping its just not me.