Adventures of eating Dairy-free

This morning as I sat at the table trying to persuade my children to eat the nice breakfast I made for them, I realized its been almost 2 weeks since we (mainly me) have been eating dairy free.  The kids and hubby have been limited to the amount they are eating, mostly by default because the cook can't eat it.  So far all has been going well.  Although eating out has become a little harder.   This morning we had scrambled eggs with rice milk and buttermilk pancakes with coconut milk.  Big L loved the pancakes while Miss E devoured two helping of eggs.

So far nothing I have made has tasted too different, although the hubby would beg to differ.  (Personally I think he is just being goofy.)   I did think it was going to be harder than it has been to remove dairy product from this house, but so far its actually not been horrible.  Finding replacements has been kind of a challenge for a few things, but I am getting real good at improvising!  The kids are eating a lot more fruit.  I have replaced it as the 'treat' in our house, which they are going along with wonderfully.  They actually get excited about it and I have had to wait to put it on their plates because they won't eat the other food.  I am starting to make more of my own bread.  Not really a hard thing to do when it was what I was in charge of doing at my parents house for so many years.  Last week I made some hamburger buns that were absolutely divine, if i do say so myself!

My biggest struggle has been not being able to eat ice cream.  Which is probably a good thing, but especially now since it is getting warmer out, how can a small bowl of ice cream not sound good at the end of a long day??  Never fear!  My mother's day gift this year is an ice cream maker! :)  So as soon as it arrives I am ready to start making my own ice cream.  Which is very exciting, because after doing some searching the non-dairy you can buy is #1 hard to find and #2 kinda on the pricey side for a small pint.

So all in all, things on the no-dairy route are going well.  Its been interesting trying to maintain this diet with small kids but it is for the best.