Big L's Big Boy Quilt

It's finally finished after almost a year!!!!!  Let me tell you how excited I am to say that!  I started this quilt while we were living in Alabama (we have been back in Indiana since August).  The top part got finished and all pinned to the backing, but that is where it stopped.  I tried many times to finish quilting it together, but didn't get very far with that.  Finally I broke down and asked my mother to finish it.  I know what a cop-out.  But in my defense, I HATE to hand quilt things.  I love piecing quilts together, it just the finishing I don't enjoy; but my mother and sister both find the hand quilting very relaxing.  So why not let them have a little fun.  Anyway, my mom finished it and it looks AMAZING!!!  And Big L just loves it!  Now I just need to get my butt in gear and get Miss E's done before she makes it into her big girl bed.