Busy, Busy...

Hi, Hello, I am here...I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.  Sorry for my lack of posts and the creative 5 on Friday.  Life has has been UBER busy!  Between Halloween, the hubby being out of town last week, fall cleaning, getting some test results back and celebrating my little man's 1st birthday- sitting at the computer has not been an option.  But I am back!  Hopefully you all are having a wonderful Tuesday.  

For a quick post today, here is a few projects that we finished before Halloween

Book Shelf for in my craft room using two shelf boards and 6 shelf brackets.

The shelf I finally got to hang my Halloween wall hanging on. I used two plain hooks that we bent slightly to keep the dowel rod (with 2 finale screwed on to the ends) from rolling out.  All the decor I found on clearance right before Halloween!!  That made my day!  The paper ghost garland was made with the kids.  They had tons of fun making faces on them.

Wood jack-o-lantern pumpkins from Michael's.  I let the kids paint them, then sprayed with polyurethane, drilled some holes on either side and tied them together with wire.  I think it made a cute and festive little hanging for my porch.

Hope you have enjoyed.  I am working on some lovely Christmas ideas and tutorials...coming soon!!! :)