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AddyLou Creates |Scattered Petals Baby Quilt

I've been busy working on a few things around here lately. Trying to keep myself busy creating lovely things, all the while, trying to get this little business of mine to grow.  It's harder than you'd think.  Anyways.  I had purchased a layer cake that 'I HAD TO HAVE' earlier this year.  Didn't have a project in mind, just loved the colors.  I thought I'd find a quilt to work on while things were slow, but never found a pattern that fit it or that I really likes.  Until I happened across this one in my obsessive, compulsive quilt pattern searches.  (You can check out my Pinterest board for how many quilts I have fallen in love with.)

This pattern is from Cloud 9 Fabrics.  It is a free design by Michelle Engel Bencsko called Scattered Petals Quilt.  This was a very easy project to follow.  Although I did modify it - you know because I can never leave anything alone.  I changed it up to use the layer cake I had available.


What I did:

Cut each 10" square from the print layer cake into 4 - 5" squares.

I used about 14 - 10" squares from another layer cake in plain grey for the accent squares.  I cut each of the plain color into 25 - 2" squares.

Then I followed the rest of the well written directions for assembly.

One layer cake will have enough to yield two baby quilts with a few blocks left over.  I used 80 blocks per quilt to give a 37" x 46" quilt.  Perfect for a baby/crib quilt.  You could easily turn this into a twin sized quilt by adding a few borders to make it the right size.

As for finishing, I machine quilted using a diagonal pattern.

AddyLou Creates | Scattered Petals Baby Quilt

I am offering this quilt in my AddyLou Creates etsy shop.  The second one will be coming as soon as I find some time to get it sewn together.

I am just in love with the colors on this.  And how quickly it all came together.


Where to find

***I don't have any affiliations with any of these companies besides Amazon....except that I really like them. ***

Pattern | Scattered Petals by Michelle Engel Bencsko for Cloud 9 Fabrics

Fabrics used |

Mixologie Layer Cake by Studio M for Moda Fabrics | Purchased from Missouri Quilt Company

Moda Bella Solids Layer Cake- Silver

Backing | Natural Muslin

Binding | Navy blue broad cloth...had at home from another project.

Batting | Warm & Natural Quilt Batting crib size


Hope you have enjoyed my rendition of the Scattered Petals Baby Quilt!  Thanks for reading!



Military Diaper Bag {and other baby gifts}


Happy Friday!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far.  We have been incredibly busy.  And I have been sewing non-stop, hence the lack of posts.  I am here to share some of the things that I have been sewing, but had to keep secret for a while.  Since all the baby showers are over with,  I can share and not spoil the surprise. All of these items here are what I made for my cousin and her husband, who is a Navy helicopter pilot.  Some were surprise gifts.  Others were things that they ordered.  I had a blast making everything.  Though my husband and sisters might have otherwise to say while I was in the throes of making everything, and when things weren't just working as it was supposed to.


They have a nautical theme in their nursery, but also want to keep it so they were able to change the accent colors as their family grows.  So we came up with using navy blue and white as their base.

bumper pads | AddyLou Creates

Then we added in their current accent colors with the sheets.  The navy and white polka dots are the crib skirt.

bumpers & sheets | AddyLou Creates


For her shower my family gave a blanket and a set of bibs.  And I couldn't resist making a few extra bibs in our Alma Mater.

bibs & Blanket | AddyLou Creates


My cousin's sister sent me a picture of something special she wanted created for sister.  It was a diaper bag made out of a  Navy flight suit. We didn't have a flight suit or patches, but  we started brainstorming and this is what we came up with.  I modified a pattern I found.  Made the patches from some embroidery designs purchased and made by me.  And this is what we came up with.  I'm calling it the Military Diaper Bag.

Military Diaper Bag | AddyLou CreatesMilitary Diaper Bag | AddyLou Creates Military Diaper Bag | AddyLou Creates Military Diaper Bag | AddyLou CreatesMilitary Diaper Bag | AddyLou CreatesMilitary Diaper Bag | AddyLou Creates

There are usable zippered pockets on the front. Military Diaper Bag | AddyLou CreatesTwo large slip pockets on the back with a long adjustable  crossover strap. Military Diaper Bag | AddyLou Creates

There are two magnetic snap closures to help keep everything inside.Military Diaper Bag | AddyLou Creates

The inside has five pockets total.  Two decent slip pockets and three elastic pockets.

I am very happy with how this Military inspired diaper bag came together.  And my cousin and her husband loved it!

It has received many 'likes' and 'I want-s' and 'Loves'.....so without further ado.  It is now listed in the Etsy shop.

AddyLou Creates Etsy

It can be fully customized.  Even if you don't want the military diaper bag look, we can change it up to make it how you want it.  Feel free to contact me about a custom listing to fit your needs.

Hope you have enjoyed!  Like I said earlier, it's been crazy trying to get all this sewn with some other orders I will be posting about later.  So please forgive me.  I am hoping once we get back to our normal school schedule, I can be posting more often.

Thanks for reading!


Oops Sale


  oops sale

Sometimes when I am creating things, projects don't quite go as planned. Fabric gets weird, sewing isn't as straight as I'd like, mock ups were made and more. Well, I am offering you all the chance to get some items, at a discounted price. There is nothing really wrong with any of the items. They just really didn't turn out as nice as I would have liked to have them be.

Lets get to the nitty-gritty on this. I am just going to run this "Oops Sale' from Friday April 4 to Sunday April 6, 2014.  All things will be listed in my Etsy shop , under the S A L E category.  Anything purchased will ship out Monday or Tuesday following the sale. Depending on how things go, I might do another sale at a different time as my stash of "oops" items grows ;)

Here are a few items that are going to be listed.


shirts paci clip

As I gather more items. I will give some more 'sneak peaks' of what will be in the sale.  Get excited!!! :)


Sewing for Twins {The Nursery...the beginning}

So the other day I sat down and was checking things off my list of "need to get for the twins."  I will say it is getting shorter, but the more I think about it, the more I realize somethings got forgotten off the list.   It will all get done/bought at some point.  One things that kind of passed my mind was crib bedding.  Yes sure I have sheets for the cribs, none that match and they are all starting to show some definite wear after three other munchkins have used them.  I also have never really had a 'theme' of sorts.  Mainly because I could never decide on one that was neutral enough - and now thinking about it, even if I did, I wouldn't have a the ability to find a matching set for a second crib.  So, while trying to beat the heat this week, I have been searching Pinterest for bedding options and inspiration.  There are so many ideas out there!!!!  You can check out my "Oh Baby" board for the pins that helped me get my ideas in order.  You will see, along the way I got distracted and found some other fun baby things for that board as well.  I did found this one site that helped me get a visual of what I wanted too.  They have some beautiful bedding, but a little out of my budget to order in two sets.  So why not make my own.

Today I sat down, calculated and recalculated, and got all my fabrics together.  This is my color scheme for the twins room and bedding.  

The wall color is going to stay the light tan/gold that it already is (I am too lazy to paint over it.)  But I think it will all match well, especially after finding this color swatch from design-seeds, minus the purple adding gray instead.  I love that sight!!!

In the process of determining bedding, I looked at too many fabric samples.  I did find this though, that I want to turn into a new diaper bag.

You are all probably thinking I am nuts.  Don't worry I am right there with you.  I am hoping that my energy sustains and I am able to get most of it done before the babies make their debut.  So far I have every thing planned out, and the patterns seem simple enough and there is not a whole lot of complicated sewing excluding the diaper bag.  For now I just have to wait on my GIANT order of fabric to arrive from fabric.com so I can get moving on making all this.

Have a wonderful Friday!  Stay cool and thanks for reading!

24 weeks....and knee high by the 4th of July

That was my pun at a corn joke...did you get it?  Although I will say most of the corn around here is about knee high which is pretty good for not having nearly enough rain. The babies and I are doing well.  They are growing well and are now about the size of an ear of corn.  They got to go on their first trip to the beach and first 'camping' trip in the last couple of weeks.  When I say camping, I mean taking the other kids fishing and having a camp out in Nana & Papa's camper in their front yard.  As much as I LOVE to go camping, I think that is completely out of the question for this year, which is sad, but who really wants to sleep on an air mattress 7 months prego?

The shots I started last time are going well.  I have been having my dad give them to me on the weeks when I don't have a doctor appointment so I don't have to go in every week.  Although I will say the more I take them the more they are starting to hurt/burn when they are administered.  What we women do for our children!   The doctors are happy again with how things are progressing.  So far there I haven't had a whole lot of problems.  No random infections (yeast or UTI) and the one I am most proud of - no cankles!  I have had very little swelling this time around which is actually very surprising.  But I'll take it.  I am feeling pretty good. I am starting to get the pregnancy waddle down fairly well.  I swear as  much as you try not to waddle, you can't avoid it, especially towards the end of the day when all you want to do is sit with your feet up.  The babies heart rates where at 134 and 143 today.  And they are moving like crazy.

The heat up here in Northwest Indiana is really kinda getting to me.  I usually don't complain about the heat....its not bothered me for any of the three pregnancies (and it was 115 degrees in Alabama on moving day when I was 6 months along with the Little Man.)  But this one is starting to kick my butt.  I feel like I am melting after a few moments out in the sun.  The solution has been to not go outside until the sun starts setting.  Which it probably better for the kids anyways so they don't get sunburned and such.  I just hate being inside all day long.  I am praying for rain, for the crops and local farmers' sanity and also so the fire ban is lifted for the 4th of July.  It's my favorite holiday!  I love everything about it.  The fireworks, the patriotism, and the picnics.  

Well enough of my rambling - here's on to my little fun facts.

How far along: 23 weeks 6 days today.  113 Days to go!!!! :)
Have you started to show yet:  Yes!! I am getting to the point that pants aren't comfortable anymore...I guess its going to be dresses for the remainder of this pregnancy.  
Total weight gain/loss: Am I am up 5.7 lbs from my starting.  I think I am doing fairly well for carrying twins!
Belly Button in or out? In
Rings on/off:  On as of right now.
Maternity Clothes:  Flip Flops & Shirt from Old Navy,  Skirt from Meijer.

Size of Babies: About 1 full pound and about  12 inches long - The length of an ear of corn! 

{picture source}

Weird Changes: I have a lot of pressure for obvious reasons, but I will say it is causing me to feel like I pulled muscles in certain places that I didn't think you could.  Its not horrible, but it does make walking long distances not so much fun.

Sleep: Still getting a decent amount, but its starting to get very uncomfortable.  There is lots of tossing and turning...well slowly rolling over.

Best moment this week: Big L asking daily how the babies are doing.  He is really interested in how they are growing.

Movement: It never gets old watching your belly jump.  These babies are becoming more active and each of them has a different time when they are most active.  I am hoping that's not a sign of what to come.  :)
Stretch marks? Should I trace the road map out on my belly...oh wait its already done for me. 

Symptoms:  Still very tired.  
Labor Signs: None and I am hoping those shot work their magic!!!

Food cravings: I am just trying to eat anything that will go down at the moment.  Nothing ever seems to really sound good these days...except for maybe ice cream.
Food aversions: Fish and most pork

Pregnancy best friend: With all this wonderful heat in the Midwest right now.  I am going to have to say flowy dresses, tank tops and air conditioning!  I have been buying any dresses I can that fit.  I also am going to try and make some with these patterns I purchased today.    

Gender prediction: The doctors know, but we are still guessing.  ;) 

What I miss: Breathing when I bend over.
What I am looking forward to: Seeing how much this belly of mine is going to grow in the next 3 months.

Weekly Wisdom: Sleep when you can!!!!!!

Milestones: On July 3rd it will be Miss E's 3rd Birthday!  And July 8th is our 6th Anniversary!!!!