Teacher Gifts

Holy Christmas!  This month has just flown by!  And I don't have a lot to show for it.  I do apologize for not having regular posts, but five kids have been keeping me a little on the busy side.  My goal come 2013 is to get back to crafting and writing and actually doing something other than attempting to keep up on house work.

I have been busy though doing a few things here and there I had to find a new place to hang our stocking since we added two more.  A quick weekend project with a piece of wood and some decorative knobs from Hobby Lobby solved our problem and looks cute too.  St. Nick visited our house bringing Christmas pajamas and crafts.

I had to make and hand stitch the names for the twins stockings. The stocking making was quick, the hand stitching not so much.  But they look nice. :)

Our elf, Doodle came back and brought his friends (who we are still working on names for).  They are helping teach the kids of the true meaning of Christmas and keeping an eye out for good deeds.


I did find some time to do a little something that I wanted to show off - Teacher gifts for Lucas's Pre-K teachers.  I wanted to keep it on the simple side, so we decided on homemade hot chocolate.  I found the recipe here.  And it turned out pretty good.  The kids like it.  I think its good, but I am a poor judge since hot chocolate is not my favorite drink...I would rather a nice steamy cup of flavored coffee.  YUM!

1. Ornament from Market Day
2. Cookie Bags from Meijer
3. Made the hot cocoa mix following the directions. Placed in mason jar with lid.  
4. Printed off directions on how to make hot cocoa. 
Attached the directions to the jar with baker's twine.
5. Layered ornament on the bottom and then jar on top in the bag.
6. Tied with a bow! :)
Are they just not cute and festive!?!?

It goes nicely with plain sugar cookies.  That was a sweet and simple project.  Just how I like it.  

Hope you enjoyed!  
Have a fantastic Christmas and a very Happy New Year!
Blessings From Our Family to Yours!

Handmade Christmas Cheer: {Card Table Tent}

Mom & Dad don't look at this post!!

Sorry about the lack of posts!  Its been crazy busy around our house as we are preparing for Christmas.  Between keeping up with the kids, teaching them the Christmas story, keeping house and attempting to get sewing projects done - it has left little time for posting about my creations.  
Here is one that I finished the other day.  After seeing some inspiration on Pinterest.  I tackled a card table tent.  This is going to my parents as part of their present. And no, its not for them to use! (Although I could see them playing in it with the kids)  Its for the Grand-kids who, as soon as they walk in the door are asking for a tent to be built.  So I thought this would make that job easier than throwing tons of blankets on a table and chairs.  

Excuse the bad pictures.  The kids wanted to play in it and my table is not the right size.  I made it for a 37" resin card table (not what I have),  so sorry about the canning jar boxes holding it up.  

I didn't go off of any pattern.  I just started cutting.  Yikes!  I did get some inspiration from this tutorialette.  But like I said...i didn't use it.  I used a set of queen sheets I had and fabric left over from various sewing adventures.  The only thing I bought was the netting I used for the windows...and that was only $1!  

Curved pup door with roll up cover.

Door shut.

The other door.  I was going to put more ties here...but then decided it probably wasn't worth the effort since the kids really don't know how to use them yet.

I lined the whole thing to give it a little more stability using both the flat sheet and the fitted sheets to make the sides. 

I know its kinda plain, but I wanted to make sure it fit the table before I made it all pretty.  And since we don't have the table yet...we all are going to have to use our imaginations!  :)

Hope you have enjoyed!.  Thanks for reading!

Handmade Christmas Cheer: {Stockings}


"The stocking were hung by the the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nick would soon be there."

Happy St. Nick's Day!  Have always loved hanging up our stockings.  It has been one of those things that changes as our family grows.  I made my first stocking the year we got married, and have made one for each child for their first Christmas.  They are so easy and fun to make and could be embellished any way you want to.  
I got the pattern at Joann's forever ago.  Its definitely on of those  patterns I have used over and over.  I have made the tree skirt out of this pattern...not one of my best projects but it does the job.
This year I had only one to make for my niece Amelia. Besides the hand stitched name, it took only half-an-hour to make. (I like projects like that!)

The stockings I made for my sister's family.

In the past I have had a fireplace mantle to hang my stockings on.  This year (and last) I had to get creative with where to hang them with limited space in our living room and no mantle.  So, in place of the wall hanging that I made, my stockings are now hanging there! 
And as you can see,  Doodle - our 'Elf on the Shelf' landed in our stockings the other night.  The kids have been having fun looking for him each morning, and telling him secrets before bed each night. Its been cute watching their faces light up when they find him too!Hope you all have a wonderful St. Nick's Day!  Thanks for reading!


Handmade Christmas Cheer: {Wall Hangings}

Day 2 of bringing you my Handmade Christmas.  

I needed a new wall hanging and my mom was looking for one to give as a gift as well.  I found a picture that I liked on a cake pan at Joann's.  (I'll get my inspiration from anywhere!)

It seemed to be their Christmas theme this year, but I just loved it.  They didn't have a pattern for it anywhere, so I made one off of a gift card box I picked up in the store.  Don't mind my not very well decorated shelf...its a work in progress. 

This is how it turned out...

My other wall hanging I made, was based this Christmas card design that I saw featured here
 And I couldn't resist those reindeer.  I think it turned out pretty well myself.

I just used lite fusible web with the patterned traced on it and adhered it to felt.  After cutting the image out I ironed it on my fabric and then sewed around the edges.  It was fairly easy.  I did use woven fusible interfacing on the top  to give it a little more stiffness. 

Hope you have enjoyed!  Thanks for reading!

Handmade Christmas Cheer {Tree Table Runner:Tutorial}

 UP DATE::  August 11, 2014

Due to popular demand and many inquiries, pattern pieces and a small-scale layout have been added.  Please let me know if something doesn't work correctly.
UP DATE #2::  October 25, 2014 : Pattern was reconfigured to a more web appropriate size.  Sorry about all the confusion. :)
Happy December!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Sorry there has been a lack of posts.  I have been busy getting ready for Christmas, crafting and being Mommy!
Here is the first of many posts on our Handmade Christmas Cheer segment.  Hope you enjoy!
Christmas Tree Table Runner
2 yards background fabric
2 yards backing fabric
(this will yield enough to make 2 runners)
scraps of Greens for the Trees
scraps of Brown from the stumps
Lite Fusible Web
Woven Fusible Interfacing (optional)
Cut your  background fabric and backing to your desired length.  My finished table runner came to 14"x69".  So I cut my fabric to 15x70" allowing for a 1/2" seam allowance.
Cut out your triangles for your trees by 1st determining the size of the trees, then tracing them on to the fusible web and then attaching it to the fabric.  I used my Cricut to make five different triangles and cut those out of 5 different fabrics. I did this with the stumps as well.
After I cut the triangles out, I determined my placement.
I used the backing of the fusible web to attach the corners of the trees together without attaching it to the background just yet.  This method kept the tackiness of the fusible web, but allowed for a little flexibility.
I traced my placement so I could easily place my trees for the rest.
I ironed the overlapping edges trying my best not to re-iron the whole thing.
Attached and movable!
I did the same thing for the stumps.
After attaching the stumps to the trees, I placed the Christmas trees on the background, and ironed them on.
 Now is the fun part.  Sewing the edges.  I did a different decorative edge for each tree.  I think it gave each tree its own personality. Be warned it did take a little while to do this.  But I think it paid off.  You could keep it simple and either zig zag or straight stitch around each tree/stump edge.
With right sides together, pin the backing to the finished top.
Sew along the sides using a 1/2" seam leaving about 4" open on one edge to turn it out.
 Iron edges smooth after turning right side out.  Then stitch 1/4" and 3/8" from the edge.  Creating a  decorative finish.  This will sew the opening shut.
If I had to make this again, I might add some woven fusible interfacing to the top give it a little more stiffness/crispness.
The finished product!



Hope you have enjoyed!  Please keep coming back to see what I have been up to!
Thanks for reading!