Creative Friday 5 {Gluten Free}

Last Friday I received the results of my allergy test that I finally broke down and took.  Surprisingly it didn't come up with what I thought it was going to.  Although it came up with some allergies I wasn't expecting:
cola, tarragon, propyl gallate (a food additive), D&C #33, Benzyl Acetate, Carob(used as a chocolate sub. in health food stores), lemon, raspberry, additives in certain foods, sucanat (cane juice), and a few that dealt with pollutants and pesticides found in city water (makes you feel safe, right??).  
But the big one that came up was BARLEY.  eek!  
We don't eat a lot of barley here, besides maybe in some breads and beer (which I only drink on the occasion).  So in talking with the Doctor, he suggested that it might be a signal that there is a Gluten/wheat issue that is being thrown off by something. 
So the plan of attack:  NO pop, NO city water (only filtered), NO gluten grains, and NO dairy for the next 6 months!!! (These holidays are going to be interesting!!)

Hence now I am on a Gluten and Dairy Free Diet
Now after a week of this diet. I can honestly say its not been that bad.  Finding things for lunch has been probably the hardest.   Or a least something quick.  I am proud that I haven't touch the kids Halloween candy that is still lingering here.  I have made some AMAZING food this week that EVERYONE has enjoyed! (which can be hard to do at times in this house!).

Any way back to what today's post is really about.
My Creative 5 this week are some things that I have found that made this transition to gluten and dairy free a little easier.

I ordered this book back when I found out my sister couldn't eat dairy.  It is a wonderful cookbook!  Her recipes are easy to make, use ingredients you have on hand and are not out of the ordinary.  And she makes it so you can switch it to all-purpose flour and cows-milk if you want.  I have made lots of things out of here already, and am working on cooking my way through it!
She also has a website/blog that has more recipes and support.

Great blog with ways to go gluten free, recipes, coping with the change and more.  Can't wait to continue reading more about how to cook gluten free.  

Thai Coconut Chicken
This recipe was amazing!  I loved it!  And the best part was it too just about 30 minutes to make.  Perfect when your kids are screaming at you to eat! I did substitute an asparagus stir fry mix I had on hand instead chopping up fresh veggies.  
(sorry about the bad picture...wish I would have taken one of what mine looked like)

I thought this was a good basic run down to get started with.  Helped me at least clean my kitchen out of things I am not supposed to eat.

Big, Fluffy, Gluten-Free Buttermilk Biscuts
Don't these look just amazing? I am soo going to attempt these this weekend to have with our soup and salad night!

Creative Friday 5 {An Etsy Halloween}

Halloween is just around the corner.  I am not the biggest fan of the the scary side of this holiday...I have a way to active of an imagination that will keep me up all night.  But I do like the cute side of Halloween.  Here are some cute Etsy find for Halloween.  Enjoy!

1.  DIY Halloween Maternity Iron-on

What a cute idea for a maternity costume!

2. Crocheted Ghost
Cute patterns to create your own little ghost and many more cute creatures. 

3. Spider Necklace

from waterwaif
I normally don't like spiders, but this is beautiful!  This shop has some very pretty jewelry.

4. Owl Barette
I wish Miss E had more hair so she could wear something cute like this!

5. Halloween Apron

from loverdoversclothing
How adorable is this?!  I want one to wear for making Halloween dinner!

Have a Happy Halloween weekend!

Creative Friday 5 {Bushel Baskets}

My friend Julie from the blog, Diary of a Homemaker asked me the other day if I had any craft ideas for using bushel baskets.  Other than putting mums and pumpkins in them for a fall display or using them to hold potatoes through the winter like my mother does...I had no ideas.  So I did some looking around and through Pinterest and Google images, this what I found. 

1. Seasonal Decorations

Using bushel baskets as planters 1. here & 2. here.
3.  Tatertots & Jello with a cute mum & bow design
Google Images came up with these  4. fall decor and  5. gold painted basket.
6.   Savvy Southern Style show a cute basket filler with fall pretties.
2. Gift Baskets

  1. Red Gate Farm The Farmer's Market Basket.  She has a ton of themed basket ideas here.
  2. Dandee Designs 'Summer in a basket'
  3. gave an idea for filling a basket with coffee, cookies etc.
  4. Make a bushel basket into a baby gift - filled with books, toys and baby items.
  5. Beautiful images of fruit baskets
  6. Dinner baskets for friends, new parents, neighbor, church raffles.

3. Fun with Bushel Baskets

  1. Aesthetic Nest throw a farmed themed birthday party
  2. Two Shades of Pink show how to make the cute little Fall apple basket decoration
  3. Diana Dig Dirt uses a bushel basket as garden art
  4. P.S. I made this... makes a lamp out of a bushel basket
  5. Red Geranium Cottage found this basket wagon at a store in cute it that?
  6. How about this cute hand painted basket from Polyvore

4. Bushel Basket Liners and Bows

  1. A Fine Feathered Nest has a beautiful had painted basket with a striped liner. It would be cute for a little girls room.
  2. Oilcloth Addict shows some beautiful liners for bushel baskets.
  3. The Style Sisters show a great way for turning a bushel basket in to a water cooler
  4. Lorajean's Magazine has a tutorial for a picnic basket with pockets.
  5. A Need for Caffeine made some cute baskets with ribbon.
  6. has a cute tutorial for a liner and lid.

5.  Odds 'N Ends

  1. Cute little baby in a basket by Yvonne Niemann
  2. Using a bushel basket as storage for scrap fabrics
  3. Katie Brown does a Weed Basket
  4. Another cute Google baby in a basket image
Thanks for reading.  Hope you have enjoyed the ideas.  
Follow me on Pinterest for more ideas for baskets.  Have a great weekend.

Creative Friday 5

Hope everyone had a wonderful week.  Life here has been crazy as normal.  I finally finished painting the shed and got some of the dying plants out of my yard.  The hubby has been in Canada all week, so me plus 3 kids all day equals one crazy mommy!  Actually it hasn't been that bad.  My amazing mother-in-law took the kids for an entire day, to which I then spent running like a mad lady to get all the errands I have been putting off done.  I will say it was weird doing errands without my three little monsters in tow. The only other downside to my hubby being gone, some how the kids always decided its the time to get sick.  So we've been dealing with runny noses and a teething, cranky baby all weeks.  Oh well, that's life, right?   

Anyways...On to what we are here Creative 5!

Check out this supper adorable crocheted baby blanket.  I might have to attempt this one as my winter evenings, couch projects.

Pretty much sums my creative side up.

With the fast approaching Purdue Homecoming...BOILER UP! 
I am thinking this maybe fun to do.  We will see what kind of time I can come up with in the coming week.  

I wish I had a bigger front door area so I could do this.  So cute and fairly easy to do!

DIY Oatmeal Packets.  Great Idea!!!!  Especially when you are trying to watch what is going into your kids mouth and body!  Tried this, and the kids had fun making it.  I am going to have to work on making some with flavorings more to their liking but a great fast breakfast for those chilly mornings.

Have a wonderful fall weekend everyone!  Thanks for reading!

Creative Friday 5

Its that time again! Time for my 5 creative picks of the week.  So here we go!

1.  Denim Bins
Made from old jeans.  What a great idea for all my hubby's pants with holes I refuse to fix because they are so bad.

from Delia Creates
2. DIY Boys Bow Ties
How cute are those?  I am thinking we maybe sporting these for our Christmas pictures...:)

3. Great Advice!!!
So need to have this printed once my kids can read.  It reads to true to a parent's heart!

from Made in Melissa's Kitchen
4. Pumpkin Muffins
These have become my FAVORITE pumpkin muffin recipe!  Comes out moist and delicious every time!  I tried it with the frosting, but it was kind of a flop being that I made it dairy-free (well that's what I am blaming it on at least).

5.  Inspiring
This made my heart say aww and shed a tear at the same moment.  Being a mother who has experienced the NICU (and not for anything super serious) my heart goes out to each and every parent who has had to go through this sort experience.  It is the hardest thing in the world watching your child be in that incubator.  But stories like this make me smile, and remind me that God's love surrounds us all, especially the little ones.
This is the caption that was with this picture:

This picture is from an article called "The Rescuing Hug". The article details the first week of life of a set of twins. Each were in their respective incubators and one was not expected to live. A hospital nurse fought against the hospital rules and placed the babies in one incubator. When they were placed together, the healthier of the two, threw an arm over her sister in an endearing embrace. The smaller baby's heart stabilized and temperature rose to normal. 

Repinned from inspiring by Delia Johnson

Like I said made me want to cry and hold these two!!!

Hope you have enjoyed!  Have a great weekend!