Just some things to ponder....

Being a mother of three, some days this is what I need to get through the day!

I love having my kids around, but just to have that "quiet moment " to do your business would be wonderful!


For those moments that you think are going to break you!!  

Espeially when cleaning poopy diapers or being peed on.  Someday I am going to miss this (or so I am told)!

One of my motos!
I always try to keep smiling even when things are going terribly awry.  Its better for everyone involved.  And keeping a sense of humor about yourself and laughter is truly the best medicine. 

Creative Friday 5

This is something new that I am going to be starting.  It's a tribute to all the amazingly talented people and their creative ideas that inspire us all.  Each week will have a diffenent things that I have found during the week that provoke inpiration, flares creativity and up lifts the soul.  Hope you all enjoy!

This week's five are 
'Inspired Words'.

Over at Asdfghjkllove; there are tons of inspirational word art.  And how true is this saying.  How many times we all over think issues and make them so much bigger than they really are?

This print from A Vintage Poster is so relavent to yesterday's post my Craft Room Mayhem.

 Not only is this a great saying, but its also an interesting way to see the message.

A favorite verse of mine!

And last but not least....

 A wonderful quote and print from my friend Lisa Grass-Schultz at Grass Green Designs.  So  excited to have this to add to my craft room!  Check out her ETSY shop to see her other amazing prints and head on over to the Grass Green Designs Blog  and she what she's been up to.

Hope you have enjoyed!  Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!