Thankful Turkey Family

I found this applique method while searching on Pinterest the other day.  And it got my brain working.  I have been trying to design a Thanksgiving themed wall hanging for my shelve and was having creator's-block.  This got my gears moving, and....
This is what I came up with!
 I am thankful for this little family that the Lord has blessed me with!

I am thankful for my wonderful Husband.

 I give thanks everyday for the love that we share.  

The love that bought our three beautiful children into this world.
I am thankful for my babies that make each day more interesting than the last.

~For all of this crazy, wonderful, beautiful life~

Thanks for reading & hope you enjoy!  

(There will be a tutorial in the near future for you to make your own Thankful Turkey family!)

Creative Friday 5

Once again its that time again for the Friday 5!  Sorry I missed last week.  It was kinda crazy around here.  Anyway, here are some wonderful ideas that I am planning on trying for this Halloween/Fall Season.  Enjoy!

1.  Footprint Ghosts
Aren't these just adorable!?  Great way to watch your kids grow too!

2. Cute little idea for the kids to enjoy making and eating...Chow Mein Monsters.

3. Burlap Wreath
Loved this idea for a wreath with folded burlap!  Great Tutorial too!  
(Actually I already made of my rendition to come soon!)

4. Fabric pumpkins!  Adorable!
So would love to make some of these for decoration.  
My kids can play with them and can't break them either...double plus!

5.  Now why didn't I think of this??  Candy Corn Cookies.
Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe, divide in to three parts.  Color two parts orange and yellow.
Pat in a parchment paper lined bread pan, chill, then slice and finally cut into triangles.  
We did this, and the kids loved it! 
 Plus you can keep the dough frozen and cut just as many as you need at one time.
another one from Kathie Cooks

Hope you are inspired!  Have a great Friday!

Projects Galore!

Apparently I have some sort of attention disorder.  I am continuously starting new projects before other ones are finished.  I can honestly say that I have done this for as long as I can remember.  Eventually projects will get finished but when that will be it is never know.  :)

So to start off  I have been seeing lot of fabric and paper banners around lately.  It has inspired me to make some for upcoming birthdays for my little monsters.

But I did it a little differently. I made it reversiable (saving time & space for storage). And with it, I also decided to write up my first tutorial. (YEAH!)  Which will hopefully be up Sometime soon.

Here are some other things I have going on:

Found these towels on clearance at Target....loved the colors.  I am working on a table runner inspired off of a baby blanket.  We will see how it turns out.

Little Miss E is getting a dress made out of this fabric for her birthday!  The colors are wonderful and so summery!

So I have lots going on and plan to post the results.  Hope you all are still enjoying!  Have a wonderful Thursday!  And thanks for reading!