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AddyLou Creates |Scattered Petals Baby Quilt

I've been busy working on a few things around here lately. Trying to keep myself busy creating lovely things, all the while, trying to get this little business of mine to grow.  It's harder than you'd think.  Anyways.  I had purchased a layer cake that 'I HAD TO HAVE' earlier this year.  Didn't have a project in mind, just loved the colors.  I thought I'd find a quilt to work on while things were slow, but never found a pattern that fit it or that I really likes.  Until I happened across this one in my obsessive, compulsive quilt pattern searches.  (You can check out my Pinterest board for how many quilts I have fallen in love with.)

This pattern is from Cloud 9 Fabrics.  It is a free design by Michelle Engel Bencsko called Scattered Petals Quilt.  This was a very easy project to follow.  Although I did modify it - you know because I can never leave anything alone.  I changed it up to use the layer cake I had available.


What I did:

Cut each 10" square from the print layer cake into 4 - 5" squares.

I used about 14 - 10" squares from another layer cake in plain grey for the accent squares.  I cut each of the plain color into 25 - 2" squares.

Then I followed the rest of the well written directions for assembly.

One layer cake will have enough to yield two baby quilts with a few blocks left over.  I used 80 blocks per quilt to give a 37" x 46" quilt.  Perfect for a baby/crib quilt.  You could easily turn this into a twin sized quilt by adding a few borders to make it the right size.

As for finishing, I machine quilted using a diagonal pattern.

AddyLou Creates | Scattered Petals Baby Quilt

I am offering this quilt in my AddyLou Creates etsy shop.  The second one will be coming as soon as I find some time to get it sewn together.

I am just in love with the colors on this.  And how quickly it all came together.


Where to find

***I don't have any affiliations with any of these companies besides Amazon....except that I really like them. ***

Pattern | Scattered Petals by Michelle Engel Bencsko for Cloud 9 Fabrics

Fabrics used |

Mixologie Layer Cake by Studio M for Moda Fabrics | Purchased from Missouri Quilt Company

Moda Bella Solids Layer Cake- Silver

Backing | Natural Muslin

Binding | Navy blue broad cloth...had at home from another project.

Batting | Warm & Natural Quilt Batting crib size


Hope you have enjoyed my rendition of the Scattered Petals Baby Quilt!  Thanks for reading!



Handmade Christmas Cheer: {Card Table Tent}

Mom & Dad don't look at this post!!

Sorry about the lack of posts!  Its been crazy busy around our house as we are preparing for Christmas.  Between keeping up with the kids, teaching them the Christmas story, keeping house and attempting to get sewing projects done - it has left little time for posting about my creations.  
Here is one that I finished the other day.  After seeing some inspiration on Pinterest.  I tackled a card table tent.  This is going to my parents as part of their present. And no, its not for them to use! (Although I could see them playing in it with the kids)  Its for the Grand-kids who, as soon as they walk in the door are asking for a tent to be built.  So I thought this would make that job easier than throwing tons of blankets on a table and chairs.  

Excuse the bad pictures.  The kids wanted to play in it and my table is not the right size.  I made it for a 37" resin card table (not what I have),  so sorry about the canning jar boxes holding it up.  

I didn't go off of any pattern.  I just started cutting.  Yikes!  I did get some inspiration from this tutorialette.  But like I said...i didn't use it.  I used a set of queen sheets I had and fabric left over from various sewing adventures.  The only thing I bought was the netting I used for the windows...and that was only $1!  

Curved pup door with roll up cover.

Door shut.

The other door.  I was going to put more ties here...but then decided it probably wasn't worth the effort since the kids really don't know how to use them yet.

I lined the whole thing to give it a little more stability using both the flat sheet and the fitted sheets to make the sides. 

I know its kinda plain, but I wanted to make sure it fit the table before I made it all pretty.  And since we don't have the table yet...we all are going to have to use our imaginations!  :)

Hope you have enjoyed!.  Thanks for reading!

Halloween Costumes 2011

Happy Halloween Monday!!!  I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend and is all ready for trick-or-treating tonight.  We sure are.  The kids have had their costumes picked out for a while now.  And Mom had her work cut out for her.  But it was fun to make costumes this year when the kids were all excited about it.

So with out further ado...here is this years Halloween Theme!
Dylan is obviously not impressed with Darth Vader...:)

Lucas had his costume pick out since early this summer, after watching ALL the Star Wars movies with Dad.  He wanted to be Darth Vader...which scared me because of how intricate that costume would have been to make.  If I would have found a mask I probably would have attempted to make this one, but at a whooping $19, buying one at Walmart seemed like a better option.  He loved it and that's all that mattered.  I think he made a pretty handsome, evil Darth Vader myself.

Emma couldn't decide what she wanted to be, but by default of the boy's costume, she became Princess Leia.  I made this one...even the 'Leia Buns.'  The dress was a just a simple a-line followed off of an old dress.  And the belt is made out of scrap white jersey from the dress and felt.  The hat was made from a modified pattern I found here and then I added the some rolled up fleece and sewed it on the sides for buns.   Check out my cute little model.

My brothers have nicknamed Dylan,Yoda.  I don't know why it fits him so well, but it does.  So he became Yoda for the fun of it. Those ears on him just make me laugh!  I used McCall's pattern #MP493 to make the tunic and then the hat was from a pattern I discovered here.  It was super easy to make and I just added my own 'Yoda Ears.'  

It was tons of fun making these costumes.  There was lots of laughing, smiles and memories made.
I am very excited for trick or treating tonight (as are the kids.)

Hope you have enjoyed!

Have a safe and happy Halloween! 

P.S.  Looking for some fun Star Wars Fonts?  Check out these free ones I found here.

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Project Shed...finished!

Our shed is finally painted!  Yay me!!  Thanks to the beautiful weather we had a few weeks ago, help from the lady at the Sherman Williams paint store and kids who actually took naps when I needed them to.

The finger paints that I showed you here,  helped me a great deal.  The kids had a blast!  

Sure they were a complete mess to clean up.  But since it happened to be one of the weeks where it was warm and beautiful out, I just turned on the sprinkler and let them go.
(by the way, the finger paint came right out of the clothes, the shed paint-not so much.)

The best part was they were edible...Little Man tested it out as you can see.

This past weekend we took advantage of the wonderful weather and filled it with all the things that were taking up precious car space in the garage.  My car is still not in, but it is very close to it.  Hopefully it makes it there before the snow starts flying!

Thanks for reading!

{A tale of the shopping woes}

  I LOVE my kids...but I despise shopping with them!!!! Today might have been the kicker to all my grocery shopping woes with my wonderful monsters.  Most people are try and help you out a little, trying to talk to the kids to get their attention going in another direction or offer a smile to let you know they'd too - "Been there, done that."  THEN you have the people that give you the evil glance, "why can't you control your kids," "make them stop screaming" or my favorite comment "are those ALL your kids?!" followed with a roll of the eyes.  Like I would really take someone else's kids to the store with me...I may claim to be nuts sometime, but I am not asking for a one way ticket on the crazy train!!  I try to not talk ill of people, but it really bothers me when people say things.  Some days are going to be not good.  I knew this morning I was taking a chance, but you hope pray really hard that the kiddos will behave just long enough to get the necessities and get out.

Despite all the attempts to jump out of the cart, crying tantrums, and grabbing hands...we did manage to get the groceries and somehow (by the grace of God) get a compliment - "What well behaved children! It's so nice too see that." one woman exclaimed.  She must have not been anywhere near the aisles we were in prior to that comment. Oh well, it made my day a little brighter and made me not feel I am failing!

Despite the cold and rainy weather, I managed to actually get somethings accomplished  all screaming and whining children.  Joann's is having this AMAZING sale on flannel and fabric.  I may have gone a little overboard...but I did get a good deal and some beautiful fabrics to make some more baby items for my etsy shop. 
{for the boys}

{for the girls!}

Hopefully this will keep me busy for awhile. Actually I really should be working on finishing Halloween costumes instead of thinking about other projects.  One is finished, one just needs the head piece to be done and one still needs to be started.  I better get my rear in gear!!!  Halloween is going to be here before I know it!

Thanks for reading my rant for the day!  
Do you Moms have days like this too?  I am hoping its just not me.