I {heart} babies!!!!!

So it seems that the less wedding we have, the more there are friends and family announcing they are expecting.  Which makes me excited!!!  I have been very busy trying to keep up with the baby showers in our family that not a lot of other projects have been getting done.  Although, I do have a few new posts coming up soon.  But back to the babies!  I have been sewing burp cloths, paci clips, blankets and 'diaper' bags galore it seems these days.  Which has been wonderful.  I love sewing for kids!  Here are some of the newest items I have sewn for cousins and their soon-to-be new arrivals.

 AddyLou Creations is my etsy shop that I am working very hard to have open in the next few weeks. Some of the items I am hoping to sell are shown here: Burpies, Baby Blankets, Paci Clips, Bibs, and Diaper Bags.
Thanks for stopping by, hope you have enjoyed!


A Clutch for My Sister

So my sister texts me last night at 9:30 to ask me if I had a pink, gold or white purse to match her dress for an upcoming wedding we have in the family.  Which I do not, I don't really go any where to have a need for that.  Anyway, of course, I then jump into bed thinking of purse designs and colors because that is how my brain works when I should be sleeping.  All of my pondering led me to make this purse.  I blended two (maybe three) different purse patterns from Amy Butler's Style Stitches to come up with this lovely little clutch.  Hopefully it is what she is looking for and will match her dress.  I think it turned out so cute.  And the flower is removable for dressing it up or down. :)

I guess now I should be getting back to the laundry and packing that I left to do this quick little project.  Happy Friday!