Craft Room Cleaned!!

Have you ever had a week that you thought might break you?  Well that was last week for me.  Every time I turned around I swear someone was screaming, crying, bleeding, or doing something that they just aren't supposed to do!  Hence, there were no posts and no updates on the craft room clean up.  But alas, I did get it cleaned (more than what I can say about the toy room that was clean for all of 5 minutes!) and all the rooms upstairs cleaned and organized as well.  Yay me!!!.  Cleaning actually turned into more of a process than I was intending; I am pretty sure the garbage men might have not liked me last week.  Things are not quite how I would like them just yet, but the craft room is cleaned and semi-organized.

The book shelf is still a work in progress.  My magazine rack that I am making needs some work, but it shall be here soon.  I repainted the frame on the dry erase board and line the outside edge with black and white polka dot ribbon, and then used white ribbon to hang it just like the cork board, I am still looking for the perfect clock to go on the wall in between so that I keep my creativity time in check. 

My Inspirations!  My new "Steal from anywhere" print from Lisa at Grass Green Designs.  I love it!!  I also have a scissor print, but need to get a new frame for it so it can be hung up too.  The "Two shall be as one" was a wedding gift from my cousin Bridget that she made.  I have missed seeing it up.

My fabrics are all folded and divided by color.  This makes me very happy!  I have burp rags, and blanket ready to be sewn together in the square rattan boxes.  And the green boxes are currently housing unfinished projects, that I hope to finish soon.

My cutting desk is clean and ready for projects to start.  More pictures and inspiration on the wall will come soon I am sure.  The white box has projects in the works and a surprise give away for when I officially open my Etsy shop.  :)

The new table skirt gives me a lot more storage, covering everything hiding underneath. I need the hubby to help me figure out how to hang it on there better.  The curtain rods and hooks work well until one of the kids climbs underneath and then the whole thing falls...oops.  

In cleaning I have decided that the room should probably be painted -Partly because this is the last room in the house to be painted and I think it needs some brightening up since there aren't any windows.  This is going to have to be a winter project when its not nice to be outside.  Any suggestions on colors? 

Thanks for reading!  Hope you enjoyed actually seeing it clean! :)