Craft Room Mayhem!

Here's to hoping that this helps me to get my butt in gear now and not wait until the last minute next weekend.  The hubby informed me that one of his co-corkers will be staying with us after a work gathering next weekend. So this has got me on the fast track to getting my crafting area/kids playroom cleaned and organized.  I normally try and keep it pretty clean, but I find when the creative juices start flowing, the clean freak in me dies, and the kids turn into a hurricane and move everything!  And this is what it looks like...  

Please don't judge me on my disorganized mess, I am normally a very clean person!.  It's been a busy few weeks of sewing!!

~The plan of attack~
#1.  Make a table skirt to hind all my necessities that need not be seen.
#2..Get a magazine rack for all my inspiring magazines, books and binders.
#3.  Decorate a little to make it feel like a craft room and not a bunch of mismatched items thrown in a walkway.

This all seems a little extreme for a house guest I am sure, but if it gets my butt moving, I will do it.  I hope to have this all beautified by the middle of next week. So stay tuned!