Creative Friday 5

Hope everyone had a wonderful week.  Life here has been crazy as normal.  I finally finished painting the shed and got some of the dying plants out of my yard.  The hubby has been in Canada all week, so me plus 3 kids all day equals one crazy mommy!  Actually it hasn't been that bad.  My amazing mother-in-law took the kids for an entire day, to which I then spent running like a mad lady to get all the errands I have been putting off done.  I will say it was weird doing errands without my three little monsters in tow. The only other downside to my hubby being gone, some how the kids always decided its the time to get sick.  So we've been dealing with runny noses and a teething, cranky baby all weeks.  Oh well, that's life, right?   

Anyways...On to what we are here Creative 5!

Check out this supper adorable crocheted baby blanket.  I might have to attempt this one as my winter evenings, couch projects.

Pretty much sums my creative side up.

With the fast approaching Purdue Homecoming...BOILER UP! 
I am thinking this maybe fun to do.  We will see what kind of time I can come up with in the coming week.  

I wish I had a bigger front door area so I could do this.  So cute and fairly easy to do!

DIY Oatmeal Packets.  Great Idea!!!!  Especially when you are trying to watch what is going into your kids mouth and body!  Tried this, and the kids had fun making it.  I am going to have to work on making some with flavorings more to their liking but a great fast breakfast for those chilly mornings.

Have a wonderful fall weekend everyone!  Thanks for reading!