Creative Friday 5 {Bushel Baskets}

My friend Julie from the blog, Diary of a Homemaker asked me the other day if I had any craft ideas for using bushel baskets.  Other than putting mums and pumpkins in them for a fall display or using them to hold potatoes through the winter like my mother does...I had no ideas.  So I did some looking around and through Pinterest and Google images, this what I found. 

1. Seasonal Decorations

Using bushel baskets as planters 1. here & 2. here.
3.  Tatertots & Jello with a cute mum & bow design
Google Images came up with these  4. fall decor and  5. gold painted basket.
6.   Savvy Southern Style show a cute basket filler with fall pretties.
2. Gift Baskets

  1. Red Gate Farm The Farmer's Market Basket.  She has a ton of themed basket ideas here.
  2. Dandee Designs 'Summer in a basket'
  3. gave an idea for filling a basket with coffee, cookies etc.
  4. Make a bushel basket into a baby gift - filled with books, toys and baby items.
  5. Beautiful images of fruit baskets
  6. Dinner baskets for friends, new parents, neighbor, church raffles.

3. Fun with Bushel Baskets

  1. Aesthetic Nest throw a farmed themed birthday party
  2. Two Shades of Pink show how to make the cute little Fall apple basket decoration
  3. Diana Dig Dirt uses a bushel basket as garden art
  4. P.S. I made this... makes a lamp out of a bushel basket
  5. Red Geranium Cottage found this basket wagon at a store in cute it that?
  6. How about this cute hand painted basket from Polyvore

4. Bushel Basket Liners and Bows

  1. A Fine Feathered Nest has a beautiful had painted basket with a striped liner. It would be cute for a little girls room.
  2. Oilcloth Addict shows some beautiful liners for bushel baskets.
  3. The Style Sisters show a great way for turning a bushel basket in to a water cooler
  4. Lorajean's Magazine has a tutorial for a picnic basket with pockets.
  5. A Need for Caffeine made some cute baskets with ribbon.
  6. has a cute tutorial for a liner and lid.

5.  Odds 'N Ends

  1. Cute little baby in a basket by Yvonne Niemann
  2. Using a bushel basket as storage for scrap fabrics
  3. Katie Brown does a Weed Basket
  4. Another cute Google baby in a basket image
Thanks for reading.  Hope you have enjoyed the ideas.  
Follow me on Pinterest for more ideas for baskets.  Have a great weekend.