Happy Homemaker Monday! {01/20/2014}

Happy Monday!!!  It's going to be another busy week in our house!  Right now we are working on getting rid of colds, eating better and getting a daily routine (a more defined one) put into action.  I have been working really hard to get caught up (still) from the holidays.  Here's what's going on today.

The weather: I enjoy the seasons....but I do have to say I am over snow.  It's pretty coming down, but I hate driving in it, especially with five kids in the car.  We are under another winter weather advisory for this week.  A foot of snow is predicted over the
next two days.  So fun!

On my reading pile: School papers! Catching up on what all is going on at L's school this month.

On my TV: Curious George.  Probably one of my favorite of the kid's shows.

On the menu for this week:
Monday – Skinny Buffalo Blue Cheese Burgers & coleslaw
Tuesday – Skinny Blackened Salmon & Salad
Wednesday – Leftovers or pizza
Thursday – Skinny Honey Mustard Chicken
Friday – Soup (maybe potato, haven't decided yet)
Saturday – Leftovers....maybe date night for mom & dad?!!?
Sunday – Something fun

On my to do list: LAUNDRY (it's never ending!), Clean bedrooms & Bathrooms, Get my sewing machine fixed, call ENT (ear-nose-throat) doctor about this on going-never ending sinus thing I have going on.

My "projects" for the week:  Bibs for valentines day, Finish a diaper bag to list as a new mommy set (I am excited about this one), Work on a custom order of 'un-paper' towels, work on making my blog prettier.

What I am cooking: Making my mom's granola cereal.  Replaced the oil with coconut oil and added some Chia seeds....smells good so far.  Hoping it tastes as good.

Looking around the house: Baskets of clothes waiting to be folded and put away.  Counters in the kitchen need to be tidied.

Highlight of the past weekend: We celebrated my mom's 55th birthday on Saturday.  Grown up pizza parties are the best!  And then Brian took the older kids sledding.  And because of all the activity this weekend, all kids were in bed and sleeping by 7pm on Sunday!  

Looking forward to this week: A possible date night with my hubby!!!  It's been awhile since we've done something sans kiddos.  

Bible verse, Devotional, Inspiration:  


 From the camera:

Playing in the snow!

Watching the big kids play outside, it was just a little too cold for the babes.

Happy Birthday to my Mama!  My Parents with 8 of soon-to-be 10 Grandbabies!

Have a wonderful day!  Thanks for reading!