Happy Homemaker Monday! {11/4/13}

So I am absolutely terrible at keeping up on this blog.  Not that I don't want to, but life really does have a funny way of taking over.  Between kids, harvest & my husband's busy work schedule and sewing like a mad woman; I have been pretty drained when it comes to writing on this lovely little blog.  So to update you on what has happened in the last month:
  • Potty training the little man...not going as well as I would like
  • School is going great for L and he loves it.
  • Miss E has been helping out lots with the babies and trying to act like mommy ALL THE TIME.
  • The little ladies turned one.  One is walking and the other is still just climbing everything.  Bottles disappeared for awhile - which was fantastic.  Then they got sick, and I couldn't get them to drink anything without it.  Oh well.  I only am using them at night.
  •  The hubby and I were lucky to help celebrate the marriages of two sets of wonderful friends and a cousin.  Both had beautiful days for it and we both had a great time!
  • I canned a ridiculous amount of applesauce and got a second degree burn in the process.
  • Halloween was wonderful.  We had a small gathering of family and friends.  And had roughly 360 trick-or-treaters.  The kids had a blast.

The weather: It's Fall in Northwest Indiana!!!  Chilly, rainy and windy!  Perfect sweatshirt weather!

On my reading pile: Food Network magazine, Taste of Home

On my TV: Just turned off Dinosaur Train to head downstairs to sew.

On the menu for this week:
Monday – Cheeseburger Soup
Tuesday – casserole
Wednesday – Beef Stew?  Little Man's 3rd Birthday!
Thursday – Leftovers
Friday – Culture Fair at L's school
Saturday – Leftovers....maybe date night for mom & dad?!!?
Sunday – Nephew's Baptism/leftovers/something easy

On my to do list: Get my pictures to be printed edited, LAUNDRY (it's never ending!), Get a proof done of our Christmas card (yes, I'm weird and have had it done for two weeks now.)  Get Christmas lists compiled for the kids and sticking to my four gift rule.

My "projects" for the week:  Work on my sister's quilt, Stocking orders, and Other Customs orders. If you would like to have stockings for yourself, go here for instruction on how to order them! 

What I am cooking: Nothing at the moment.

Looking around the house: Baskets of clothes sorted and awaiting washing.  Otherwise everything is fairly organized all things considered the busy weekend we had.

Highlight of the past weekend: Took a walk with Brian & the kids at the park yesterday.  It was a bit chilly, but it was absolutely beautiful out with all the leaves in full color!

Looking forward to this week: Keeping up on the things I need to get done.  

Bible verse, Devotional, Inspiration:  

I try to everyday...sometimes failing sometimes succeeding.  But loving every minute of it!

 From the camera:

{Tricks & Treats with Nana}
{Halloween Night - Skeletons & Owls}
{Tricks & Treats with Grandma & Grandpa}
{Our Pumpkins!}
{From our walk at Red Mill County Park}
{Such a Beautiful Fall day!}