Happy Homemaker Monday! {9/9/13}

Another week done, and a another hectic week is starting!  The month of September is turning out to be one of the most event-filled months we've had in awhile.  This week we are getting ready for the twins 1st birthday (where this past year went I don't know!!), a wedding of a dear family friend, and trivia.  We are currently potty training Dylan....have I ever mentioned how much I hate this part?!?!  We've actually not been doing too bad.  Although I would like to know what causes him to have no accidents yesterday, and then this morning he's had 5 in a matter of two hours.  I guess that's the name of the game.  Here's to another week of hopefully getting some things accomplished!   

The weather: I think the weather is slightly confused to what it's supposed to be doing.  It's going to be warm early in the week and get chilly towards the end.  Oh well, I'm ready for jeans, long sleeves and sweater weather.

On my reading pile: Food Network magazine and Rachel Ray Mag....I need some food inspiration!
On my TV: Pandora....enjoying the 'Luke Bryan' station.

On the menu for this week:
Monday – Hamburgers
Tuesday – casserole
Wednesday – Leftovers
Thursday – Tomato Soup
Friday – Twins Birthday!!!
Saturday – Wedding/Kid Friendly dinner
Sunday – Leftovers

On my to do list: Pictures, LAUNDRY (it's never ending!), Cleaning.

My "projects" for the week:  Work on my sister's quilt, Stocking orders!!! If you would like to have stockings for yourself, go here for instruction on how to order them! 

What I am cooking: Nothing at the moment...would like to make some freezer meals though.

Looking around the house: Six baskets of clothes were put away this morning.  There are two more load in the laundry room currently and about 6 more loads waiting to be started!! (like I said NEVER ENDING)
Highlight of the past weekend: I actually got out the house sans husband and kids for a bachelorette party down in Indianapolis.  It was a great time, loved seeing my old roommates from college and my cousins!

Looking forward to this week: Getting something done!

Bible verse, Devotional, Inspiration:  

 From the camera:

{someone learned to climb the stairs this weekend}

{...and jump on the couch}
Have a wonderful week! 
Thanks for reading!