Happy Homemaker Monday (on Tuesday)! {9/3/13}

Last week was an emotionally draining week.  But we have all made it through. We said our goodbyes to a dear cousin on Friday who had battled Ewings sarcoma for five long years (you can read more here).  As hard as it's been for the family and us, it is comforting to know that he is no longer hurting.  Stevie we are going to miss your smile and antics!!! :)

We celebrated the twins 1st birthday a little early on Saturday.  It was nice to have everyone over and have an enjoyable evening.  Although both girls were and still aren't feeling quite right.  I am hoping it's just allergies and not ear infections again.  All the other kids had a great time.

We had a low key Labor day.  Brian & I took the kids to the Washington Park Zoo.  It's a small but a very nice zoo.  Then we had a quick picnic lunch courtesy of the Washington Park Fest that was going on by the beach.   A good time was had by all.  I love spending time with my little, big family!!!

The weather: It's going to be a pretty week!!!

On my reading pile: Didn't do any reading last week...well, I take that back. I did read a bunch of kiddy books to my munchkins.

On my TV: Nothing!!!

On the menu for this week:
Monday – Happy Labor day!
Tuesday – Leftovers
Wednesday – Sloppy Joes..didn't make them last week (again!)
Thursday – Grilled shrimp
Friday – Bachelorette Party outing!!!! :)
Saturday – Leftovers
Sunday – Hamburgers

On my to do list: Take kids picture their yearly pics and the twins 11 month photos. Work on the scrapbooks. Laundry, bills, take things back to stores....didn't get any of this done last week.

My "projects" for the week:  Work on my sister's quilt, Stocking orders!!! If you would like to have stockings for yourself, go here for instruction on how to order them! 

What I am cooking: Nothing at the moment...would like to make some freezer meals though.

Looking around the house: Laundry and general tidying need to be done.

Highlight of the past weekend: Celebrating Anna & Audrey's upcoming 1st birthday with family, and spending the day visiting the zoo and beach!

Looking forward to this week: Getting something done!

Bible verse, Devotional, Inspiration: 

From the camera: Pictures from our Zoo trip.  :)
{The Munchkins ready to see the animals}

{Pretty Birds!}

{Me & My other Half}

{It was a beautiful day at Lake Michigan}

Have a wonderful week! 
Thanks for reading!