Homemaker Monday {2/24/2014}


Happy Monday again!  I hope you all had a pleasant weekend.  We kept busy doing projects and cleaning.  Spring cleaning is well in progress here.  Especially in my craft/sewing room.  It is in desperate need of some help.  It was nice seeing the sun this weekend, but it looks like we are in for another chilly week.  Hopefully the temperature will be on the rise soon and Spring will stop hiding. :)  weather 2-24-14The weather: It's going to be another chilly one.  I really try not to complain about the weather.  I enjoy the change in seasons.  But I am getting to a point, I'd like to get outside without having to bundle the kids up so that the only thing showing is their eyes.   Soon enough I am sure. :)

 On my reading pile: Blog notes and how-to’s, menu planning, budgeting blogs – Still working to get this new setup how I want it.  It's really been a work in progress and a test to my computer knowledge.  I am getting there, but just slowly. 

 On my TV: Sword in the Stone.  One of my personal favorites.  We are having a little quiet time so the little ladies will take a nap.

On the menu for this week:  We've been trying to get a better healthy dinner routine down.  I've been following the Skinny Moms ‘Supper Club.‘  We pick and choose due to our schedule, picky kids and what I have on hand.  So far we’ve liked what things I have made.  Here is what we are eating this week.

Monday – Skinny Cobb Salad and our favorite baguette recipe 

Tuesday – Skinny Buffalo Blue Cheese Burgers 

Wednesday – Spaghetti Squash with meat sauce 

Thursday – Skinny Taco Flatbread 

Friday – Order out...or leftovers 

Saturday – Leftovers 

Sunday – Unsure yet

 On my to do list: Workout, Drink the 8-8oz glasses of water I am supposed to, Laundry, Bills

 AddyLou projects for the week:  2nd Birthday Shirt, get photos edited to add to the Etsy Shop

 What I am cooking: Nothing currently, but need to make some quick breakfast foods for busy school mornings.

 Looking around the house: I need to clean the kitchen, load the dishwasher, and start laundry.

 Highlight of the past weekend: Having some of my ideas for my craft room organization come to life.  My husband probably laughs at me when I say, "Can you figure this out and make it for me?"  We made two washi tape holder/dispensers and a giant thread board.  So excited to share those projects with you soon. :)

Washi Tape | AddyLou Creates Craft Supplies | AddyLou CreatesThread Board | AddyLou Creates

 Bible verse, Devotional, Inspiration:

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. - Jeremiah 29:11

AddyLou Etsy Shop Projects:

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