Homemaker Monday {3.24.2014}


3.24.2014 Weather

The Weather:

It's looking to be another chilly, snowy and rainy week.  That's ok.  Rain means spring is on its way!  The snow on the other hand can just stop at any time.

On my reading pile:

Blog notes, sewing patterns, Bringing Lent Home with Mother Teresa: Prayers, Reflections, and Activities for Families byDonna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle

On my TV:

Nothing for once….its really early.  And this mama is basking in the quiet. ;)

On the menu this week:

{Monday}  Leftover Potato Soup

{Tuesday} Taco Salad

{Wednesday} Homemade Pizza

{Thursday} Take Out/Leftovers

{Friday}  Dinner with my Sister!

{Saturday/Sunday} Leftovers/Sunday Dinner

Home to do list:

Bills, Blog Posts, Varnish Dresser, Get some Breakfasts done for the freezer, Laundry, Clean and Organize Rooms

Shop to do list:

“Oops Sale” ;) (more details coming Tuesday!!), Edit Pictures for shop introductions, sew up blankets, and more I am sure

Highlight of the past weekend:

Worked on some special Easter baskets for my nieces and nephews.  And another little treat.  I actually got to go to Target by myself.  That is UNHEARD of in this house.  It was nice to be able to shop and have my thoughts all together.  But I still stand by my saying that Target is the devil!  Spent way more than I needed too.  All though in my defence most of it was in diapers and baby items to get their promotion discount.


 Listen for God's voice in everything you do & everywhere you go; He's the one that will keep you on track.  Proverbs 3:6

From my Camera:

photo 2

 From my link up with Naptime Diaries & Tiny Twig for the their hashtag "Friday Introductions."  This weeks prompt was What is your passion?

My passions: the obvious are my hubby, kids and family. Another one is agriculture. I come from a farming family. I loved being able to help out when I was younger and wish I could do more now. It was something that has helped shaped who I am. I pray I am able to pass some of my love of the land on to my little ones and teach them about the hard work, dedication and respect that goes with being a farmer. What are your passions?

Want to play along??  Follow me on instagram @addyl0ucreates.  I'd love to hear your story.