Homemaker Monday {4.14.2014}


homemaker monday large We are coming off of a very busy Spring Break.  We weren't able to go anywhere with it being super busy at my husbands work.  But the kids and I had a pretty good time with what we were able to do.  It happened to be a beautiful week.  We were able to play outside a lot.  Which after this long winter, was wonderful.   We visited both sets of grandparents and a few aunts and uncles.  Baked lots of goodies. Watched lots of movies at night.  It's been great not having a to be anywhere at specific time, but it's also nice knowing there will be a routine getting back into play.  The twins really need that back!

Thank you to all who ordered on my 'Oops Sale"!  It was fun shipping off goodies to all of you!!  There are a few things left in the sale section if you are looking for something.  :)

AddyLou Creates 9The Weather:

I think the weather is going to be slightly confused this week.  It's going to start off cold, with a chance of snow on Monday, but then warm back up by week's end.  Crazy Indiana weather!

On my reading pile:

The Dark Witch by Nora Roberts, and the lenten devotional I have been doing with the kids.

On my TV:

Another Indycar race recorded from earlier Sunday.  I guess I shouldn't complain, I am sitting with my hubby writing while he enjoys.

On the menu this week:

{Monday}  Soup

{Tuesday} Tacos

{Wednesday} Homemade Pizza

{Thursday} Leftovers

{Friday}  Something meatless and light being that it is Good Friday

{Saturday/Sunday} Easter Dinners with Family!

Home to do list:

Spring cleaning, Organize kids clothes.

Shop to do list:

Blog Posts, Finish custom orders, work on some brewing ideas.

Highlight of the past weekend:

Spending time with our family.  The hubby has been working crazy hours, so it was nice to spend some time playing and working around the house with him.


 Do it with passion, or not at all!

From my Camera:

AddyLou Creates 1 IMG_0007 IMG_0100 IMG_0094 IMG_0093 IMG_0069 AddyLou Creates 7

Wishing you all a wonderful Holy Week!