What I've been up to Wednesday {6.11.2014}

Somewhere between my last real post and now I seemed to have disappeared off the face of the blogging sphere.  That is not the case, life just took over and I had a really hard time catching up.  I may have not had time to write about what I had going on, but I can share now. The whole month of April was a wash.  Never have I wanted a whole month to be OVER!   Yes it was that bad!  I threw my back out the first week in April, the day my husband left for a three-week job stint out of the state.  For anyone who has never hurt their back....you don't want to!!  Especially not with young kids.  After visiting the chiropractor multiple times, a little ice/heat therapy and some simple exercises, I am slowly getting better.  The crazy three weeks that the hubby was not home was interesting.  The weekend that the hubby finally was home was FANTASTIC!   We spent some time with my family for my nephew's first birthday. He caught up on all my honey-dos that I needed done. They were mainly things that I couldn't lift very well or were too heavy to move on my own due to the month's previous injury.  Sunday that same weekend - enter injury number two.  (For those who know me, I am the biggest klutz!!!   I have issues walking on my own two feet most days.)  As I took some garbage out to the garage, I missed the step/stepped on the edge wrong, and twisted my ankle/foot to the point I thought it was broken.  I have never seen something swell so fast, or had an injury hurt so bad - ever!  A few choice words may have flown from my mouth in that moment of pain, which then caused me to pass out.  Scaring and scarring all five kids who were flipping out because mom was hurt and giving the hubs a panic attack.  Needless to say, I was not really a happy that my much-needed 'date night' was spent in the emergency clinic getting x-rays and being taught how to use crutches.  It just ended up being a really bad sprain - and its doing quiet a bit better now, but still rather sore and swells easily.


Due to all the excitement that happened in April, I was unable to get to my sewing area very well.  And I got behind.  Which then caused May to be my catch up month.  And let me tell you.  I was a sewing mad lady!!!  Here is the overview of what I really have been doing, beside trying to heal and chasing kids.

Before all the fun injuries happened, I was able to get some cute Easter baskets made for my nephews and niece.  Along with personalized birth stats for their parents.


Mother's Day brought some fun custom orders.  One for oven towels and another for a personalized Grandma Pillow.Mothers-Day-Gifts---Addylou-Creates I have also be crazy busy with customs orders for birthdays, new babies, and sibling shirts. Custom---AddyLou-Creates

My biggest projects was getting my little sister's nursery bedding done for my newest niece or nephew arriving soon.  They are having a farm themed nursery.  So glad it all came together well.


And with the end of May and beginning of June, came the end of school.  Teacher gifts needed to be made, spirit week pajama shorts had to be sewn, and pants with huge hole needed to be turned into shorts for the coming warm weather.


Things are still keeping busy.  Lots more projects coming.  I am currently working on my Sewing 101 Series.  Preparing posts and tips for you all.  I am also getting a few tutorials together as well.  Please just bear with me, as summer is here and spending time with my kids is high on my list of things to do.  Hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday!

Until next time!!