Life Happens

Life has a funny way of dumping things on you all at one time.  I have been working really hard to get some sort of routine back in my life - with three very active kids it is not an easy task!!  I was doing great - cleaning was getting done, I was actually working out thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law, I and I was really starting to make head way on my ETSY shop plans, amongst other things. 

My body and I have a love-hate relationship...the more I try to take care of it the more it doesn't like me for some reason.  Last Wednesday it decided to really HATE me!  As I bent down to pick up Miss E, something in my back popped out.  It was like a bubble exploded from my spine  and then went right back in.  I am sure it might have been one of the first times in my life I didn't know whether to pass out, throw up, cry or a combination of all three because of what just happened.  Besides all that running through my mind at once and I am sure explicatives that were being muttered under my breath, I didn't know what I was going to do about the three children crowded around me.  That was probably the worst feeling of them all! 

Those lovely breathing exercises they teach you for labor work wonders for calming yourself down let me tell you!  After that eventful morning with help from my wonderful husband, mother and mother-in-law I was starting to get some relief, but a visit to the chiropractor was still much needed.  Well, I found out that I had most likely a tear in a disc in my lower back.  As of today, the it seems that it was just bad luck that it popped, and things are healing nicely.  Now I just need to keep reminding myself to not do too much so that it keeps getting better. 

This is not all the the 'wonderful' news.  My sister was just diagnosed with a milk intolerance, almost a year after my brother was diagnosed with Crone's Disease.  I have had problems with milk, during the last two pregnancys.  Mainly with it not settling well in my stomach but since having our Little Man, I have developed more symptoms just like my sister's.  In talking with the Doctor (the chiropractor also does natural solutions for other issues like allergies) all of us - my brother, sister and me - may have milk intolerances causing other health issues.  We are all now going on a a Dairy-free diet.  And let me tell you how hard that is!!!!  The milk substitutes are not bad at all, but there is milk product in EVERYTHING!!!!  Trying to go milk-less with kids is probably the hardest.  I am thankful that I am not shy in the kitchen, because now I am going to have to get real good at making certain things so there will actually be food I can eat. 

Life definitely is keeping me one my toes. Milk allergy or not, I am not going to let it get me down.  On the plus side of things it may help me lose some of this 'baby-weight' that has decided to linger.  Here is to a new chapter in my living creatively!!!