May Days

May has been an eventful month so far, and its not over yet.  Here are some of my favorite moments from this month.  Enjoy!

 Playing out side!  Swinging, watching bubbles and making wishes on dandelions.

 Give kids a marker, watch their creativity jump off the paper...literally!

Happy Mothers day to all experienced Moms, new Moms, & Mothers-to-be!

Rain day in the garage!  Mom had some fun with the chalk!

 Found a huge salamander hiding under the down spout..."Sammi the Purdue Salamander" as the kids dubbed because of it black & gold coloring. Got most of my garden planted, minus a few casualties from the Sunday(5/22/11) storms/wind.  Pictures of "Storms on the radar" that the kids drew me after watching the storms come through on the radar on my iPod.