OOPs Sale Starts!


oops saleThe Sale starts today!!!   I meant to put a another sneak peek up yesterday, but life has a funny way of happening.  I ended up throwing my back out and spent the day trying to get it feeling better, and trying to not pick up kids.  Which is much harder to do than one would think. Anyways.

The sale is happening!  Some items are very limited in quantity, so shop early.  If there is something that you'd like made, that you don't see please feel free to message me. :)

And because I like all of you.  I am putting the entire shop on sale!  .  Thank you all for you support!!!

So go on.  Get shopping.  And get some cute things for you little one! :)

Prices in the "S A L E" and "Paci Clip" Section have been marked down already.  Enjoy the 15% mark down on the Bag, Blankets & Burpies!!! 

Head on over to the AddyLou Creates Shop and see what is available!!


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