Project Shed...finished!

Our shed is finally painted!  Yay me!!  Thanks to the beautiful weather we had a few weeks ago, help from the lady at the Sherman Williams paint store and kids who actually took naps when I needed them to.

The finger paints that I showed you here,  helped me a great deal.  The kids had a blast!  

Sure they were a complete mess to clean up.  But since it happened to be one of the weeks where it was warm and beautiful out, I just turned on the sprinkler and let them go.
(by the way, the finger paint came right out of the clothes, the shed paint-not so much.)

The best part was they were edible...Little Man tested it out as you can see.

This past weekend we took advantage of the wonderful weather and filled it with all the things that were taking up precious car space in the garage.  My car is still not in, but it is very close to it.  Hopefully it makes it there before the snow starts flying!

Thanks for reading!