Sewing for Twins

With the up and coming arrival (4.5 months to go) of our little twins, I have been making lists all over the place. Being 'seasoned' parents of three, we have most of the stuff that we needed already.  Now we just need some of it times two.  So far we have put a dent in some of the things that we need through garage sales thanks to my mother-in-law and watching the Target baby sales.  So far so good on most, just a few more small 'gear' items and we are done.

Now this brings me to to the fun stuff.  The stuff that I get to make.  We are planning/trying to not to find out what we are having, although the amount of ultrasounds that I think we are going to be having might make that hard in the end.  Anyways, we are preparing for what ever may arrive.  I am gearing up to make some blankets, burp cloths, bobby covers, highchair covers, pacifier clips and hats.  There might be more depending on how ambitious I get.  Check out some of the fun fabrics I have found so far.

How can you not love polka dots???  I am loving these fun colors for the swaddle blankets.  I just couldn't resist.  And plus they will all match no matter what combination I use!  YAY!!
{Micheal Miller Ta Dot Collection & Timeless Treasures Flannel/ Joann Fabrics Quilter's Flannel}

I fell in love with these fabrics on my last order.  I think it will look wonderful to make matching bobby covers and be kind of gender neutral.  I just loved the bright colors!

{Bijoux Tiled Primrose Red & Bella Flora Floral Mosiac Blue/Orange

I have had this fabric for a while and had been unsure how/where I was going to use it.  I think for high chair covers this would be tons of fun!

{I think I got these from Joann Fabrics, but not sure}

Crochet hats I that I have been working on at night.  Still needing to make some more.  But they are fun 'busy projects.'

Ribbon for Pacifier Clips.  Haven't really decided what colors combos I am going to be doing yet.  Here are just some of the ones that I have on hand already.

You are probably thinking I am crazy for making all this stuff for the multiple combinations (girl/girl, boy/boy/ girl/boy) but I find it very fun.  We have not found out what we were having with each pregnancy.  For us it was one of the most exciting experiences.  I have always loved looking at the surprise on my husbands face.  I can't pass that feeling up with the twins, as much fun as it would be to know.  I am aware I am going to have tons of things left over depending on what we are blessed with.  But, I do still have plans for all the extras.  Hats will be donated to the hospital for other new arrivals.  Blankets and burp cloths will either be gifted, put up on my etsy shop, or donated as well.  I haven't really decided on those.   So don't worry, things are not going to go to waste.

Thanks for reading!!