Sewing for Twins {The Nursery...the beginning}

So the other day I sat down and was checking things off my list of "need to get for the twins."  I will say it is getting shorter, but the more I think about it, the more I realize somethings got forgotten off the list.   It will all get done/bought at some point.  One things that kind of passed my mind was crib bedding.  Yes sure I have sheets for the cribs, none that match and they are all starting to show some definite wear after three other munchkins have used them.  I also have never really had a 'theme' of sorts.  Mainly because I could never decide on one that was neutral enough - and now thinking about it, even if I did, I wouldn't have a the ability to find a matching set for a second crib.  So, while trying to beat the heat this week, I have been searching Pinterest for bedding options and inspiration.  There are so many ideas out there!!!!  You can check out my "Oh Baby" board for the pins that helped me get my ideas in order.  You will see, along the way I got distracted and found some other fun baby things for that board as well.  I did found this one site that helped me get a visual of what I wanted too.  They have some beautiful bedding, but a little out of my budget to order in two sets.  So why not make my own.

Today I sat down, calculated and recalculated, and got all my fabrics together.  This is my color scheme for the twins room and bedding.  

The wall color is going to stay the light tan/gold that it already is (I am too lazy to paint over it.)  But I think it will all match well, especially after finding this color swatch from design-seeds, minus the purple adding gray instead.  I love that sight!!!

In the process of determining bedding, I looked at too many fabric samples.  I did find this though, that I want to turn into a new diaper bag.

You are all probably thinking I am nuts.  Don't worry I am right there with you.  I am hoping that my energy sustains and I am able to get most of it done before the babies make their debut.  So far I have every thing planned out, and the patterns seem simple enough and there is not a whole lot of complicated sewing excluding the diaper bag.  For now I just have to wait on my GIANT order of fabric to arrive from so I can get moving on making all this.

Have a wonderful Friday!  Stay cool and thanks for reading!