Back and with a secret to share!

Sorry for my absence.  Not only has life been keeping our household very busy, but I finally have a working computer. YAY!  I swear you don't know how much you actually use/need a computer until yours go on the fritz.  I am happy to finally have our old on at least in working order andIi am sporting a new laptop that is soooo fast.  Makes this lady happy to have something to get back to be showing you all what we have been up to lately.

Today I have some fun news that we are ready to share with you all.  We are excited to announce that we are expecting again.  God has truly blessed us.  This is not all of our exciting news ya hooked yet?  Well here is a little back story.  Since I have a history of have early births, especially with my last baby being born at 35 weeks and by emergency c-section, we had to have an early ultra sound to give the doctor an idea to how big the baby is.  In doing this we found out we are not just having one baby but TWO!   Twins.  Double the Trouble.  Double the fun!  Both my husband and I were shocked to say the least.  I think it is finally starting to set in what is going to arrive in the next 7 months.  I am only 8 weeks along but already looking like I am 4 months prego.  So far things have been going well.  Although I have been extremely nauseous and exhausted all the time.  All I want to do is sleep!  Which as any one with kids knows is near impossible.

This past weekend we announced our big news to our families, mainly because I am getting to the point I can't really hide it anymore.  I am pretty sure both sets of parents had no idea what was going on.  I made this little card for them.  I mimic-ed it off of a card that I found here.  I wish I had been quicker with my camera to get their expressions when they opened the card, they were priceless!!!

I also included a basket full of goodies including Double Stuffed Oreos, Twix, Mike & Ike, and Double Mint Gum.  I think it took them a  little while to connect the two, but I thought it was cute.

My first doctor appointment went well.  Babies are growing nicely.  My Doctor was happy with how things were going.  I learned that we are going to be going in for a ton of appointments, already starting at every two weeks.  I am going to be starting on some injections to help prevent preterm labor.  I pray with all this precautionary measures we are taking the babies will stay baking for as long as they are supposed to.  I have always wanted an October baby, so my goal as of now is to make it until October 1st!

Here is what the baby belly looks like at 8 weeks 2 days with twins!  And yes I know I already look four months pregnant...please don't laugh to hard.  :)

This is what has been keeping me 'busy' the last couple of weeks.  Hope you have enjoyed our little bit of excitement.  I will try and keep you posted of how the belly is growing and how the babies are doing as we prepare for our new arrivals.

I do have some projects to share too, so be on the the look out for those and for some new additions to the etsy shop.  

Thanks for reading!  Have a wonderful day!

Etsy Shop {January 2012 Additions}

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their week.  I just wanted to let you know of some new additions to my etsy shop.  I have been busy!  Hopefully there will be more to come in February!  Have fun looking!

Medium Carry All Bag 

Woodland Creatures

Gone Fishin'


Trees on Pink Dots
UP DATE:  Some the these SOLD (owls and woodland creatures) just as soon as I posted them. :) I do have the burp rags in the patterns though, if you are wanting them.

Enjoy.  And thanks for reading!

If you are in need of something for some one who is expecting or for yourself....blankets, burp cloths, bibs, bags etc., but need it in a theme -  Let me know and I would be happy to see what I can do for you.

A Mommy, Daddy and Baby Gift!

My really good friend Jana and her husband Kent are getting ready to have a baby!  I am super excited for them.  Their shower was a few weeks ago.  Miss E and I had a wonderful time.  I showed you here that I had some fabric and ribbon, and a some ideas for it.  Well here is what I came up with.  I loved how it all turned out!  I hope they did too!
Diaper Bag

Diaper clutch with enough room for a med sized package of wipes and 3-4 diapers depending on the size.

I filled that diaper bag full of goodies....
A Set of four burp cloths...

A flannel and cotton blanket with monkeys...(I loved the monkeys!)

A set of two bibs....

Four Pacifier clips...

 I also added....A package of diapers, a sleeper outfit and pacifiers.  
And yes it all fit into that bag with room to spare!
I can't wait for their little bundle of joy to arrive!  
Jana & Kent may your little family continue to be blessed!  Love you both!

I {heart} babies!!!!!

So it seems that the less wedding we have, the more there are friends and family announcing they are expecting.  Which makes me excited!!!  I have been very busy trying to keep up with the baby showers in our family that not a lot of other projects have been getting done.  Although, I do have a few new posts coming up soon.  But back to the babies!  I have been sewing burp cloths, paci clips, blankets and 'diaper' bags galore it seems these days.  Which has been wonderful.  I love sewing for kids!  Here are some of the newest items I have sewn for cousins and their soon-to-be new arrivals.

 AddyLou Creations is my etsy shop that I am working very hard to have open in the next few weeks. Some of the items I am hoping to sell are shown here: Burpies, Baby Blankets, Paci Clips, Bibs, and Diaper Bags.
Thanks for stopping by, hope you have enjoyed!